Winter CSA

Dear friends,
The Fall season is in full swing, we have crossed over here at the farm. You may think this a quiet respite from Summer, and truth be told, without the weekly CSA deliveries things have mellowed a bit, however, Fall is a busy time here. Our root washer is running over time. Our harvest and pack crews are literally working from dawn till dusk.


You can find our produce on the shelves of select grocers from Portland to Seattle; a result of years of growing outstanding organic produce, and cultivating relationships with retailers that share our appreciation for quality, and our dedication to a local economy. We are also a fixture at the Ballard Market on Sundays in Seattle. What a hoot to put on such a show; it is the Mardi Gras of local agriculture with some of the most brilliant and colorful displays of local produce you will find anywhere.


Years ago, before ‘season extension’ was the buzz, we would stop attending markets and delivering CSA shares in late October or early November. I would dust off my fishing rods and spend hours on local rivers fishing for silvers and steelhead. As time went on, we started selecting and growing more and more hardy vegetables; carrots, beets, rutabaga, parsnips, celeriac. Our fall and winter farming got serious, and we offered a Fall CSA just to share the beauty and bounty that this season has to offer. It was a logical extension to offer deliveries just prior to the Winter Holidays. I actually remember going out prior to Thanksgiving to harvest for our family meal and thinking how wonderful it would be to share the experience of eating the frost kissed produce available in our maritime climate this time of year. It dawned on me that though we might not have enough produce to supply the entire CSA that we run during the Summer, if we just offered it to our existing customers, we could provide a rare treat with these time honored savory vegetables.


Fast forward a few years to a growing farm with an excellent and deserving staff. We had the desire to not only keep our crew busy all winter, but also maintain contact with our customers. Before we knew it we had developed a winter CSA as well, distinctly different from our summer program because we include selections from other growers and value added items from local dairies and coffee roasters and the like, but still in keeping with our goal to provide awesome food to awesome people.I apologize for going on so. The reason I am writing is to remind you that there is still time to participate in these Fall and Winter programs. I just thought it deserved a little history. I believe we do an exceptional job of producing these vegetables this time of year under all conditions. I am proud of us for growing into a farm that can offer year ‘round employment and I am sincere in my desire to share the experience of eating local produce well into


With this in mind: Please consider joining us for all or part of the Winter CSA. You can take advantage of the early payment discount through November 10th. You can join us for all or part of the program. I have provided a link to the website here:


And below you will find the scheduled delivery dates. We historically deliver to all of our Summer drop sites in November and December, then reassess based on participation and condense our delivery routes and options for the remainder of the program based on participation.


November: Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th
December: Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th
January: Wednesday 7th & 21st and Thursday 8th & 22nd
February: Wednesday 11th & 25th and Thursday 12th & 26th
March: Wednesday 11th & 25th and Thursday 12th & 26th
April: Wednesday 8th & 22nd and Thursday 9th and 23rd
May: Wednesday 6th & 20th and Thursday 7th & 21st


Thank you for your consideration and your continued support of local agriculture.
Mike Peroni
Bull Goose Loony
Boistfort Valley Farm