Give the gift of health!

As you enjoy the coming long weekend with friends and family, or quiet reflection on your own, please think about this: We are offering a gift idea that just might suit the discerning foodie, or locavore.

You can now purchase a gift certificate from our farm that will entitle the recipient to enjoy our January through May CSA. They will receive the best our farm has to offer plus quality produce from other farms, local artisanal cheeses, locally roasted coffee, WA grown grains and other local and regional delicacies delivered twice per month, January through May. All the contents of these boxes are chosen with the same commitment to local agriculture and the same integrity you have come to expect from us.

Just click on the link: and purchase our winter CSA gift Certificate. At the time your order is confirmed, you will be asked for the email address (or other contact information) of the recipient. We will then email you a tasteful and aesthetically pleasing gift certificate that you can then present to the lucky duck you care enough about to give a gift of months of healthful and delicious local and regional treats, along with our farm notes and all the other benefits of joining in this soulful venture of eating locally and supporting small scale local agriculture.



January through May share sample.

January through May share sample.

For January through May, our monthly boxes will contain produce from our farm and other organic farms (mostly local and regional). They also include selections from local dairies, locally roasted coffee, Washington grown grains, and other locally produced food items.

Expect sweet, frost-kissed greens, cured onions and shallots, a variety of potatoes, traditional and heirloom root vegetables, and the sweetest carrots and beets! Plus, savor our farm honey, our selection of dried beans, and our favorite edibles from other local businesses. As we creep toward Spring, we’ll add in fresh spring greens, radishes and herbs.

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