Summer 2014 – Week 18

What’s in the Box:

Petite Share:
Carrots, Celeriac, Garlic, Acorn Squash,
Fingerling Potatoes & 1 Carving Pumpkin
Small shares:
Carrots, Beans, Edamame, Celeriac,  Garlic,
Acorn Squash, Fingerling Potatoes & 1 Carving Pumpkin
Family shares:
Carrots, Beans, Chard, Celeriac, Garlic,
Green Peppers, Acorn Squash,
Fingerling Potatoes & 1 Carving Pumpkin


October 14, 2014

Please Remember to take 1 Carving Pumpkin

Dear Friends,

I am amazed that we are already halfway through October and how quickly the summer CSA season is winding down.  As the weather cools, the body starts to crave the heartier foods that sustain us through the colder times.  This week’s box offers just that kind of warming, nourishing goodness – Acorn squash, carrots and Fingerling potatoes.  And in keeping with the season, instead of flowers this week, we are including a carving pumpkin.

You will find celeriac in your boxes as well.  Celeriac is a member of the celery family, but it has been bred over the centuries to produce a large root that will hold through the winter.  It has the flavor of  celery, though milder, and the consistency of a potato.  It is delicious cooked like a potato, or included in stews and curries.  It is also surprisingly good raw, sliced as crudités with hummus or another dip.  But many of us love it best when roasted in the oven, either alone or with other root vegetables.

Also of note this time of year: the salmon are spawning this week on the Chehalis River.  Boistfort Valley Farm sits on the South Fork of the Chehalis.  I walked down to the riverbank a few minutes ago, to see if I could see them. They are not here yet–they will be later this week.  Here at Boistfort Valley Farm we are certified Salmon-safe.  This is a certification for farms whose land lies along a waterway in which salmon make their yearly run.  To be ‘Salmon-safe Certified’ means that we adhere to a very stringent set of guidelines which protect the habitat of the river, and therefore, the salmon.  As an organic and environmentally-friendly farm, knowing that the salmon are making their yearly run brings a sense of satisfaction.

Once again, I would like to remind you of our upcoming Winter season.  Please follow the link and consider signing up.  This includes our Holiday Boxes in November and December, plus 10 deliveries from January through May:

Thanks again!


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