Winter 2015 – May, Week 2

What’s in the Box:

Artichokes, Mixed farm potatoes*, Leeks*
Asparagus, Fuji Apples, Baby bok choy
Spinach, Red Kale, Cranberry beans-dried*, Oregano*
Strawberries*, Peonies
*from our farm, all other produce is organic & NW grown

Dear Members,


This is the final delivery of our Winter/Spring shares.  Thank you for participating with us!

If you haven’t joined our Summer CSA yet, there’s still time to sign up:  http://boistfortvalleyfarm.csaware.com/2015-summer-share-C6308.  We anticipate starting in late June.

While it’s always a little sad to finish out a delivery season, it’s also a bit of a relief.  May is the most challenging Spring month for us on the farm, as we are simultaneously organizing the harvest and delivery of produce, as well as coordinating field preparation, fertilizing, seeding, and transplant of all the greenhouse starts (and repairing the tractors and equipment…).  So after this week’s delivery, we are able to focus our attention more directly on getting all the seeds and seedlings into the field for Summer.

In today’s delivery, we have several items from our farm, including leeks, oregano, potatoes, dry beans, and flowers!  We have also included more Northwest grown organic asparagus, greens, baby bok choy, and apples.

But I forgot one thing.  The strawberries…Oh, the strawberries!

This is the earliest that we have ever harvested strawberries.  In a good season, we get approximately four weeks of harvest, but I’m not sure what to expect this season, as it’s so early and the weather is so varied.  Regardless of the duration of their presence, we are glad to have them for you this week!

Please, oh please, eat your strawberries right away.  They will not last in your fridge, or on your countertop.  We have harvested them especially for you, so that they will be lovely as long as possible, but that still isn’t very long. The variety that we grow is a classic, with amazing flavor, but as one local writer put it, you can’t ship them across the street. These odd little bursts of rain that we have enjoyed of late make them particularly soft and juicy.



Summer 2014 – Week 2

What’s in the Box:

Petite Share:
Red Lettuce, Green Lettuce, Red Swiss Chard or Kale
Baby Bok Choy, Garlic Scapes, Cilantro, & Fresh Lavender.
Small share:
Red Lettuce, Green Lettuce, Red Swiss Chard or Kale
Baby Bok Choy, Garlic Scapes, Cilantro,
Spring Onions & Fresh Lavender.
Family share:
Red Lettuce, Green Lettuce, Red Swiss Chard or Kale
Baby Bok Choy, Garlic Scapes, Cilantro,  Spring Onions
Spinach,  Strawberries & Fresh Lavender.



Please remember to take: 1 Bunch of Lavender

Dear Friends,

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank-you to everyone who attended the Strawberry Fling on Sunday. What a splendid day! It was so well attended by such interested and engaged customers and community members. These events and things like it, even the notes I’m writing now, are some of the things I love most about the way BVF conducts business. Though I love the ‘farming’ part of farming; the tractors and the outdoor work and the communing with the powers that be, and though I often envy the simplicity and efficiency of my commodity growing neighbors, I am not certain that I could ever let go of that direct contact with the people we serve. It is so invigorating to engage directly with our customers and share the farm; actually have our customers visit and see what it is we do and how we do it and meet the people doing it. Speaking of the people doing it, wow, did the folks here ever do a great job.

Dear sweet Emily, BVF’s advertising and outreach coordinator was spectacular. Emily handles all our social media and attends events and coordinates with other like minded organizations and individuals. She, on top of an already demanding schedule of motherhood and partnership, pulled off an awesome feast, did all the advertising and printing and purchasing and cooking and serving and clean-up. She enlisted the help of her friends and family and in a humble and graceful manner created an atmosphere that was delightful for all who attended, and allowed me to focus on my role as proud owner and verbose tour guide. Thanks Em.

I have not left much room to go on about this week’s delivery, but… Welcome! And Enjoy! The fields look excellent. We are excited about the CSA this year and looking forward to a great season. These early boxes will showcase greens and other early crops, and will soon include carrots and peas, fennel, broccoli, and so much more. Remember too that we accept customers any time throughout the year and prorate for the deliveries that have been missed. If you enjoy the program let your friends and coworkers know! There is no better way for us to reach more people.