Winter 2015 – March, Week 1

What’s in the box?

Spaghetti Squash, Crescent Potatoes*, Yellow Onions
Cipollini Onions, Rutabaga*, Pears, Carrots*, Beets*
Cauliflower, Kale*, Black Sheep Creamery Pecorino
*from our farm


Greetings friends,

How ‘bout this weather? I mean seriously. I have been farming for almost thirty years and I cannot remember a more favorable March. Our green house is beginning to fill with onions and leeks that are growing noticeably every day. We are planning and planting and scurrying and mending; in short, IT’S ON.

The daffodils have exploded here in the Valley. We grow a few thousand feet of them to include in our Spring deliveries, but I am sorry to say that something, and I do not yet know what, has happened to them. They are sporadic at best in the field. I mention this only because the office is full of them. As soon as I am through buttoning up these notes, I am going out there to see what’s up. They have always been our bullet-proof barometer of March, but there are only a few thick patches left of our rows. Hmmmmm.

We have however included some great stuff this week. The spaghetti squash are from ‘Dancing Roots Farm’ located about 18 miles East of Portland. I attended a great gathering of squash growers in Philomath a few weeks ago. Shari and Bryan, Dancing Roots’ owners, were talking up their new system of storing and keeping squash, and I just had to have a look.  They were right; the squash were in excellent condition, especially for March! I could not resist their spaghetti squash, as we rarely get them to finish, so I set it up to include them in our delivery this week; just another example of how this thing should work; farm to farm to you. DIRECTish. Dancing Roots is not certified organic, but trust me when I say they lack only the piece of paper. Their practices and philosophy are stellar and it was a delight to visit with them.

The pecorino from Black Sheep Creamery is one of my favorites, aged 8 months and straight from Meg and Brad just down the road. Being part of this community of farmers and artisan producers is another reason I love doing what we do. Sharing it with you ices my cupcake.

Thanks for the opportunity, and ENJOY!!!


2 thoughts on “Winter 2015 – March, Week 1

  1. We love spaghetti sqsuah! One of my favorite recipes is boiling the sqsuah whole ( you’ll appreciate this after you try to half one with a bigaz butcher knife), split and remove the seeds and fork out the sqsuah meat. Heat up some other veggies of your choice. I like to caramelize some onions and stir fry some broccoli, carrots and asparagus if we have it fresh. I then add the other veggies and the sqsuah meat back into the halves, add some marinara sauce and cheese of your choice on top, then into the oven to bake till the chefs is starting to brown. Yum!

  2. I gave a couple sasuqh to a friend and she called me up wanting to know how to get them open. I had no idea they were so hard. I had a tiny one that didn’t ripen all the way and I took a metal baseball bat to it as I was trying to smash it open for the chickens. That is a good tip for cooking it. I will have to try it. We have some left over pasta sauce so maybe tomorrow for lunch I can give it a go. Yummy.

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